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Dog Leash Holder Poodle Woof Rack

Designer: #SraToony

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Each and every one of the different breeds…Yorkies, Cocker Spaniel, Labradors, etc. has been 100% handcrafted in Colombia by artisans who, through their respect for nature, has carefully worked each piece by using Madefondo, a wood that has been ecologically treated to give our customers and their BFFs the best possible product in the market.

Did you know what experts all around the world are talking about?

The entire team at Shop We Believe want to share this fact with you. Our best furry friends, bffs, have not only stolen our hearts but have become an integral part of our families. Having a pet at home has undeniable benefits which positively impact the lives of people of all ages, developing an indestructible bond of love and creating good habits of tolerance and care. They are of great help in ending stress, depression and loneliness. Pets are not objects or toys. They are living beings that need our attention and affection.

And, what better way to show our best furry friends how much we care fro them and value their company than by giving these lovable beings a space of their own in our homes with one of our decorative, tridimensional and beautifully designed multifunctional “WOOF RACKS".

With love, from us to you and our best furry friends.

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